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XtraSize is a product that can significantly improve your erection. It happens as a result of lengthening the penis and increasing its volume. The product consists of natural elements. It is with their help that it is possible to prevent the formation of counterfeit products of inferior quality of individual ingredients. Customers can be sure that the use of XtraSize is one hundred percent safe.

XtraSize can be used by men of all ages. It is a safe product that does not require people to change their current functioning mode. Therefore, it is not necessary to change the diet while using this preparation.

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XtraSize contains Tribulus Terrastris, which positively affects the level of testosterone in the human body. It is a strong and recognized aphrodisiac, thanks to which nitrogen oxides are released from the corpus cavernosum in the nerve endings of the penis. In this way, XtraSize influences the quality of the erection achieved by a man. XtraSize also regulates the level of hormones and enzymes in the body.



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Corpus cavernosum has an obvious effect on penis size. After using XtraSize, you will notice an improvement in blood flow, as well as in the absorbency and size of the penis. This product increases the capacity of tissues that swell when the ventricles expand.

After using XtraSize, the penis will become longer and thicker. People using this preparation can also count on much stronger erections during sex. Controlling ejaculation will also be much easier after using this preparation.

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How to enlarge and thicken the penis - several practical and effective ways

Everyone has complexes. Nobody is perfect, that's why a man will always find a defect on his body, which he then wants to correct immediately. However, this is not always possible. Gentlemen who mainly complain about the size of their penis, which they are absolutely not satisfied with, generally think that there is no way to change it. It was not possible in the past. However, we did not have such extensive knowledge about the genitals and it seemed that what mother nature gave us could not be modified. However, we were wrong. Today we have the right tools and knowledge to deal with almost all shortcomings of appearance. So there is a rescue for men who would like to improve the size and, above all, the thickness of their penis. The methods used to achieve this goal are not at all dangerous to health, they are not particularly complicated and they are not even expensive. They do not require any operations or other surgical procedures. They can be used at home. Well, how to enlarge the penis with natural methods? It's best to combine all the methods described below so that the effects are the best. Nor should you give up. The effects will not come immediately, so they won't show up after a week or two. In order to permanently and effectively enlarge and thicken the penis, you should take this task seriously and spend at least one month on it.

Method # 1 - exercises

Before any man who wants to ensure better physical attractiveness starts reaching for various types of pharmacological agents and buying literally all dietary supplements and cosmetic products available on the market, he should convince himself to ... exercise. Because there are actually exercises that can change the appearance of the penis. They are not widely known, so few people do them, but you can easily find out how to do it. Exercise is absolutely one of the more natural methods for penile enlargement. They certainly won't hurt anyone, and can actually help. However, they have their drawbacks. They take a lot of time and require daily exercise, which not everyone can afford. You also need to remember about them. Skipping one day of exercise can significantly weaken the effects and prevent the penis from changing its size, thickness or shape. Exercises only work when done correctly. And mastering the perfect technique also takes a lot of time. So if a man wants to try this method on himself, he is free to do it, however, there are still better tools that can thicken and lengthen the penis much faster and in a less demanding way.

Method no. 2 - pharmacological agents and dietary supplements

Poles love this type of medical device. Whenever a severe headache develops, no one tries to overcome it by going outside, walking or meditating, or any other form of rest. Almost everyone from the machine reaches for a colored tablet and after a while can return to work or other duties. We love medical devices for the fact that they work quickly and are very easy to use - just take a capsule and the problem disappears by itself. For this reason, penis enlargement pills are still considered to be one of the best means to combat typically "male problems". This method is perfect for always busy men. They will not have time to perform tedious and stressful exercises every day, but they will easily make a habit of taking the pill every day. Another advantage of this method is its price. It is true that the exercises can be performed for free, and you have to pay for the tablets, but the costs are really low, especially when compared to the results obtained. Very good dietary supplements and pharmacological agents for penis enlargement and thickening can cost even less than fifty zlotys! They usually allow for at least a month of treatment. They often give amazing results that no one would expect from them.

How do these types of preparations work? Are they not containing certain substances that could be harmful to health? Well no. Over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements just can't be harmful. So there is no option for them to have any amount of a compound causing any side effects. They can be taken safely on your own as long as you don't overdo them and as long as you follow and follow the manufacturers' recommendations. These types of tablets usually affect and stimulate metabolic processes. Due to the compounds contained in them, an effect occurs in which more blood reaches the tissues of the penis. The skin is then somehow pushed apart, and the penis automatically thickens. It is also better supplied with blood, which in turn affects overall sexual performance. Men who regularly take similar medications also tend to be more sexually aroused and have no erection problems.

Method no. 3 - expanders

Not very popular method, but quite effective. It works on similar principles as mentioned in the second paragraph of the exercise, however, it is easier to apply. Expanders are ready-made exercise equipment. Their main goal is always to gently stretch the penis, translating into its length and improving its overall appearance. It is not uncommon, however, that men who regularly use specialized expanders also notice a marked improvement in the thickness of their members. Overall, the effects are very good. Minuses? You have to wait a while for them. As with exercises, this method can be a bit demanding. The tissues of the penis must be stretched slowly and gently to prevent damage to them, so the body must not be forced to move unnaturally. This means that you should spend a lot of time exercising. Another downside is the cost of this method. While traditional pumps designed for the so-called "penis pumping" are relatively cheap, so expanders tend to be much more expensive devices, which results from their more complicated structure. Some people even recommend wearing them every day for at least a few hours. It is definitely not encouraging. Hardly any man could afford it, although it is worth noting that a properly worn expander does not stand out under clothes and is completely invisible to others, so in fact you can wear it even during walks or ... work.

Method no. 4 - vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps, also known as vacuum apparatuses, are even more popular than expanders. They are often the first choice of men who dream of enlarging their penis. Push-ups, especially the more modern and specialized ones, can be really effective. They are able to thicken and lengthen the penis at the same time. Therefore, they work on various levels, the end result of which is the overall improvement of the appearance of the penis. Pumps are also quite eagerly used by those men whose main problem is poor erection or the complete lack of it. Vacuum apparatuses are therefore great at dealing with various types of ailments. Not only do they enlarge the penis, but also make it easier to get an erection. This clearly translates into a man's overall sexual performance. Regularly used pumps make you derive much more pleasure from physical intercourse with your partner.

There are already different types of pumps on the market. So let's consider which one could work best. How to enlarge the penis with this method? First you need to invest in a decent pump. And it can be either vacuum only or vacuum-water. In the case of the former, the mechanism is a bit simpler, but that does not mean that the latter works worse. Quite the opposite. Experts on this topic say that it is better to buy vacuum-water pumps. They are safer for the body and are more effective. Generally speaking, each pump, regardless of its type, should be properly made and made of proven, safe and high-quality materials. Be wary of overly cheap products, especially those sold at auctions and from shady sellers. A good pump will not cost less than fifty zlotys. There is nothing to buy cheap vacuum devices, because not only will they not enlarge the penis in any way, but they can even cause some dangerous side effects that no man would like to deal with.

Method No. 5 - hyaluronic acid

Aesthetic medicine used to be associated with a field directed only to women. And yet everyone is interested in their appearance. Everyone wants to improve it to feel better and better in their skin. Recently, therefore, among the services of aesthetic medicine, specialized treatments have started to appear, designed for men. One of them is the penis enlargement procedure performed with the use of hyaluronic acid. It is performed under anesthesia, so you do not have to worry that it will be unpleasant or painful in any way. The patient is given local anesthesia, and when it starts working, he immediately starts applying acid. The procedure is relatively short. It generally takes no more than forty or fifty minutes. Just after applying hyaluronic acid, the skin is massaged, which allows the compound to reach different parts of the penis even better. Patients are also often advised to perform such massages later on their own at home. Thanks to this, they achieve even better treatment results and are able to keep them for longer.

Is this method effective? Absolutely yes. It is true that among all the methods mentioned in this text, it can be considered the most expensive, but sometimes it turns out to be the only way out of the situation, such a last resort. The penis enlargement procedure with hyaluronic acid allows you to get even two additional centimeters in length and ... as much as five additional centimeters in thickness! The results are impressive. Of course, how much the penis enlarges and thickens depends on many factors, but generally speaking, the procedure works for every man. It is worth noting that, contrary to appearances, the thickness of the penis is sometimes more important than its length. While men often think the opposite is true, it is the thickness that determines overall sexual performance. For women, she is sometimes the most important. So, if you want to satisfy your partner, it is worth investing in such a procedure, although you have to pay well over three thousand zlotys for it. The price is high, but the effects can be amazing.

Method no. 6 - optical penis enlargement

What if you did not change your nature, but still visually enlarge the penis? This effect can be achieved very simply and quickly. So if a man at the moment does not intend to reach for any penis enlargement pills, and he cannot afford to sign up for hyaluronic acid treatment, he can simply maneuver his appearance so that the penis looks bigger. The most important thing in this matter is ... losing unnecessary kilograms. A big belly covers the genitalia. Against its background, even a medium-sized penis will look as if it were very small. So let's deal with unnecessary kilograms, and from the desire to lengthen the penis, create your solid motivation to lose weight. The second method is depilation of intimate places. In these zones, not only ladies shave. This is what men do more and more often. Epilation will visually enlarge each penis. So let's see how to remove body hair.

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